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2014/07/17 in Press_Release


Reis Farouk Sharid, long-time participant in archaeological activity in Egypt, passed away earlier this month. He was a well-known and respected figure over three generations of excavators, through his work at such sites as Elkab, East Karnak, Quft, Tel el-Maskhuta, Tel er-Rub’a (Mendes) and Gurneh, apart from his work for the Dept. of Antiquities.

My own association with Reis Farouk began in 1971 when our expedition from SUNY-Binghamton and the U. of Toronto engaged in excavation at the Temple of Osiris, Karnak. Then, in 1975 when a concession was granted for the excavation of East Karnak, Farouk joined our team permanently, and remained Reis until 1991, our last season. By no means finished, Farouk’s participation continued, stretching over 23 seasons at Mendes (from which he had just returned south when the fatal heart attack occurred.)

Farouk was an unparalleled gem. A born manager of men and women, he could be adamant but was always honest and straightforward. I could rely on him in any difficult situation, and he rapidly became a problem solver par excellence. A close personal friend, Farouk, more than anyone in the field, never failed to offer sound advice and encouragement in dire straights.

May you negotiate successfully, Farouk, those roads of the West, and may your sons follow in your path of life!

Donald Redford

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