From Egypt to Canada and Back: Timeless Inspiration

2015/02/01 in Press_Release

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Despite a snow storm, the Canadian Institute in Egypt’s Tuesday March 3 event “From Egypt to Canada and Back – Timeless Inspiration” proved to be a perfect and unexpected fit for the Institute’s “performing arts” mandate.

During his fascinating lecture, Professor Redford, mentioned “visual speech,” an inspiration for Professor Lorna MacDonald who immediately associated it to her Toronto premiere presentation of “The Bells of Baddeck –” Professor MacDonald’s music composer, Dean Burry, of the University of Toronto, the author of the very popular children’s opera “The Scorpions’ Sting – An Egyptian Myth,” was also present.

The Institute is hoping to be able to stage Dean’s opera in situ for the opening of the Mendes site to tourism. When Canadian scholars from different disciplines combine efforts, the cultural image of Canada at home and overseas is dramatically enhanced!

Special thanks to the attendees, volunteers, the Institute’s board, the students’ committee, Professor Donald Redford, Professor Lorna MacDonald, Suzy Smith, and Dean Burry for making this event possible.


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