Artist Spotlight: DAVID BUTT

2016/03/07 in Newsletter

The Institute is proud to present the works of David Butt.

David Butt grew up in Toronto, Canada, and has worked in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. He has traveled extensively throughout Africa and holds degrees in Architecture, Environmental Design, and Fine Art from University of Toronto and York University. His works adorn many corporate, private and government collections.

During his travels in June 2015, David has used pen, pencil and water colour in order to capture the beauty of modern Egypt as well as the ancient remains of a vibrant city called Mendes. These drawings are representative of David’s travels from Cairo, Mansoura and Mendes to Luxor, Aswan and Alexandria.

Moreover, David has recorded the work of skilled archaeologists from Qeft (called Quftis) in these beautiful paintings. Qufti archaeologists are an essential part of any expedition working in Egypt ever since Flinders Petrie started training them in the late 19th Century. Although these men have worked alongside famous western archaeologists, they have historically remained “behind the scenes”. However, modern archaeologists and artists like David have recognized their significant contributions to Egyptian archaeology.

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All copyright is reserved by David Butt.

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